The Course

The first time you step onto the Lomas Golf Club and take out your golf club, you’ll already be immersed in the beauty of the landscape. If it’s your first time in the golf club, where do you start?

Well, you start with the teeing area and work your way through the holes. After you swing your ball from the teeing area, there are four parts of the golf course that you’ve got to think about– the fairway, the rough, the green, and the hazard.

The Fairways

The fairways are cut part of the course between the box and the green.

The Rough

The rough is the rugged area at the corners of the course. You should hit the ball in the hole in order to score and proceed to the next one.

The Hazards

Lastly, the hazards are the borders and the traps to keep you from winning the game. The rule is simple: hit the ball into the holes with as less swing attempts as possible.

The biggest challenge in the Lomas Golf Club would be going through the course with all the hazards and roughs. But hey, the bigger the challenge, the more fun the game is. So enjoy your stay with us and pass all the courses!