About Us

Lomas Golf Club was built by Jake Lomas. Jake Lomas began his passion and his career for golf when he was still studying in college. He played at many golf courses throughout his life in his hometown. He eventually started his golfing career by working in several golf clubs as well as resorts. Eventually, he also became a well-known name in many local golf clubs and developed a love for beautiful golf course landscaping.

From his vast exposure to different golf courses in his work, he decided that he wanted to make his own. He wanted to make one of the most extraordinary golf courses ever made. After much planning and much work, he made his dream come true and created a haven for golfers who simply enjoy the sport of golf as a hobby and for those who take golf very seriously. This golf course became known as the famous Lomas Golf Club.

Lomas Golf Club has 9 holes and 18 holes courses. The public and VIP courses are separate. It also has a restaurant and clubhouse open to all members, and a golf shop where players can purchase their gear and equipment.